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New products in 2011
We presented our products for the first time at the International Toy Fair Nürnberg 2011. At the trade show Qelectronics GmbH presented various new products especially for motor and motoric turnout control, multiplex decoder and many more...

Z1-16 Decoder

The decoder of the Z1-16 variants will enlarge the portfolio of the Z1-series from April on. Providing 2 amps constant current and up to 3 amps peak current the Z1-16 decoder are more powerful than the Z1-8 in 2011
  • The Z1-16N is our new turnout and magnetic drives decoder controlling up to 8 turnouts in parallel.
  • The Z1-16N wil replace the Z1-8N/M and will 'speak' both DCC and Motorola.
  • Z1-16 and Z1-16+ are the standard and all-in-one class variants of the Z1-16. 

Decoder for analog systems
ZH1-8+ Decoder - Neu 2011For usage in analog systems without digital controller we provide new pre-configured Z1-8+ controlling the signals aspects with a switch key (German Hp/Vr-signals, Swiss Type L, Swiss dwarf signals, Austrian signals)
ZH1-8 series
The ZH1-8 series represents the equivalent to the Z1-8 series while the luminous sources are switched against a common cathode. All pre-configured Z1-8+ are avaiable as a ZH1-8 version too. (from April/May 2011 on)

The ZH1-series offers the same features like the Z1-series for light signals with common cathode.
Z2-8 series
Z2-8+ Decoder - Neu 2011The decoders of the Z2-series were developed for control of motoric turnout drives
and other accessory drives. Furthermore light bulbs or signals can be switched against cathode and anode, or between the multi functional outputs of the Z2-series.

For motoric turnout drives the appropriate decoder can be found in the basic class of the Z2 series - the Z2-8N. Z2-8 and Z2-8+ are the standard and all-in-one class variants of the Z2 series.
ZM2 series
ZM2-Decoders control their multi functional outputs in a multiplex scheme. Thus the number of connectable elements rises up to seven times the capacity of Z2-decoders. Special multiplex decoder for up to 28 motoric turnouts or up to 56 LED will be available from Q3-2011 on.

Our first product catalog is avaiable for download from February on. Furthermore we present the Z1 and Z2 series of 2011 in two separate flyers (see above).


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